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An Established Firm For Mass Tort Cases

We expect the food we order and buy to be safe to eat. We expect that those who are selling, distributing and manufacturing products are meeting the established safety standards and taking the precautions required.

Unfortunately, there are instances when companies behave recklessly or carelessly or are grossly negligent and people get hurt. At Flynn & Phillips, LLC, we have worked to protect the safety and rights of people just like you since 2005.

We are currently accepting clients in the Syngenta corn case. If your farm, grain elevator, brokerage or business was negatively affected by this, contact us immediately.

1. What is a mass tort lawsuit?

A mass tort or "mass action" is a lawsuit involving several victims filing one suit. These victims have usually suffered severe injuries from dangerous products or exposure to toxic or hazardous materials. A mass tort lawsuit can be filed when wrongdoing or negligence by one person or company affects several people. Victims have usually suffered severe injuries from dangerous products, negligent events or exposure to toxic or hazardous materials.

2. What is the difference between a mass tort and a class action lawsuit?

The difference between a mass tort and a class action lawsuit is that in a mass tort, individual personal injury claims are consolidated into one lawsuit. In a class action, there are many individual lawsuits. In a mass tort, each plaintiff has his or her own interest represented and does not represent the interest of any other person or party. This means each person's financial reward can be different in a mass tort, depending on the losses that person suffered.

3. What types of mass tort cases and clients does Flynn +Phillips represent?

We represent people who have been hurt by defective products, unsafe conditions, negligent decisions by companies and unsanitary food preparation. Mass tort cases include defective medical devices such as artificial hips, contaminated food such as peanut butter and unsafe pharmaceuticals such as the diabetes drug Actos.

4. Can any lawyer or firm handle a mass tort case?

Mass tort cases require specific knowledge of the law and of procedure. If you are a victim of a product, food, event or prescription drug that harmed many people, it is important to work with an attorney who has experience with this type of complicated litigation. You will not be able to effectively pursue your lawsuit if your attorney does not have mass tort knowledge and experience.

5. What kind of injury must I have to pursue a mass tort case?

If you feel you've been injured as a result of exposure to a defective or harmful consumer product, food or event, please give us a call. We can assess your situation at no charge and let you know your next best step. No company or product is too big or too powerful. We have the tools and legal mass tort understanding to get results.

6. What is the Syngenta corn case about?

Syngenta is the name of a manufacturer that sold genetically modified corn seed. The variety had not been approved by the nation of China. Since China did not approve of this modification the country rejected all corn shipments from the United States. This caused the cost of corn to plummet. Farmers, grain elevator owners, corn brokers and others involved with corn production all suffered financial losses that were preventable had the company taken the necessary steps to get the seed approved.

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