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The Preventable Injury: Premises Liability

As you walk into a store, restaurant or venue, it is implied that the business owner is inviting you in and therefore has a responsibility for your safety while you are on the property. This means that the owner or manager needs to be looking out for dangerous situations or potential threats to customers. If a customer is hurt, and it could have been prevented, the owner is liable and can be held legally accountable to pay damages to the injured customer.

Skill And Experience In Premises Liability — Recovering Damages

If you have been injured on a store or business owner’s property, we can help. At Flynn & Phillips, LLC, our attorneys provide skilled premises liability representation, recovering maximum damages to help pay for medical bills, treatment, recovery and any lost wages that you have suffered because of the injury. Our lawyers will carefully investigate the details of the incident and what should have been done to prevent it.

The firm handles all forms of premises liability, including:

  • Slip-and-fall accidents caused by slippery floors or surfaces
  • Trip-and-fall accidents caused by raised or unmarked steps and surfaces
  • Parking lot injuries
  • Injuries caused by disrepair to the building or property
  • Security negligence on the property or in the parking lot
  • Sexual abuse that should have been prevented
  • Unsafe environment
  • Construction site injury

We will provide skilled advocacy to ensure that you are paid the compensation you are owed. In all personal injury matters, injured people who work through an attorney to seek damages are shown to almost always recover more than those who try on their own. We will put our experience and local network to work for you.

To learn more about how we can assist you with your premises liability concern, please contact our Albany offices today at 229-518-4050 or toll free at 800-646-8799.