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Experience Handling Large-Scale Foodborne Illness Cases

There may be many reasons why you might feel sick shortly after eating food from a grocery store or at a restaurant. Many times the food just did not sit well or it was improperly cooked, and the discomfort will go away. When infectious or toxic agents contaminate food during the manufacturing or distribution process, it often results in very serious illnesses that affect a large number of people. If you are one of them, you may have a product liability claim for compensation.

When multiple clients suffered a foodborne illness arising from contaminated peanut butter, we were part of a team of lawyers who recovered $12,000,000 in a claim against the Peanut Corporation of America.

At Flynn & Phillips, LLC, our personal injury lawyers know how to investigate and litigate foodborne illness cases on a large scale, when many individuals have been harmed as a result of contaminated food. Our attorneys are extremely familiar with the courts and judges throughout Georgia. Our Albany offices enable us to meet clients across the state.

Every Year One In Six People Become Sick From Contaminated Foods

Food poisoning is referred to by many names including foodborne illness, disease or infection. It is much more common across the United States than you may believe. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately one in six people across the nation become sick after consuming food or drinks that were contaminated. There are many different potential contaminants, but there are a few frequently occurring offenders.

  • Salmonella: This bacterium is located in the intestines of birds, reptiles and mammals. It can cause life-threatening infections in some people. Symptoms include fever, stomach cramping and diarrhea.
  • E. coli: This bacterium is located in the intestines of mammals. Although many strands are harmless, some can cause illnesses such as diarrhea, urinary tract infections, respiratory illnesses and pneumonia.
  • Norovirus or Norwalk virus: This is a very contagious virus found in produce, shellfish or foods contaminated by excrement from an infected person. It causes acute gastroenteritis, an infection of the stomach and intestines.
  • Pollutants: This can be any man-made chemical or even naturally occurring element that is toxic for human consumption and present as a wide range of symptoms.

Have You Become Ill From Eating Food? You May Not Be The Only One.

If you suspect that you have become ill due to a contaminated food product, the most important thing to do is get medical treatment. Contact us next, and our skilled attorneys will begin investigating your case. In cases of widespread foodborne illness your case may be eligible for mass tort representation. Schedule your free initial consultation with our law office. Call 229-518-4050 or 800-646-8799 or complete our online form.