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Patent Litigation And Infringement

Intellectual property is not an asset that you can touch, but it is crucial to the success of an entrepreneurial or business operation. This is why so much money is spent on protecting the rights to innovative ideas, distinguished processes and creative designs. Infringement of patent rights by a competitor can cost millions in damages or even put a company out of business.

Patent litigation and infringement is a specialized area of law that requires a mastery of not only the legal process but also the business and technological aspects related to these matters. Flynn & Phillips, LLC, is a recognized name in courtrooms in Georgia and across the nation. The legal community respects our lawyers for their litigation skills and proven results in matters involving patent infringement.

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Strategic Representation For All Three Types Of Patent Infringement

Determining whether a patent has been infringed involves two essential steps. The first is to determine the scope of the patent. The second is to determine whether the process or product falls within that scope or so closely resembles it to be deemed infringing. Under Title 35 of the United States Code, there are three types of infringement.

  • Direct infringement: Anyone who actively manufactures, uses, offers to sell or sells an infringing product or process.
  • Induced infringement: Anyone who encourages or assists in the manufacturing, use or sale of a product or process that infringes a patent. Providing instructions on how to assemble the product is an example of induced infringement.
  • Contributory infringement: Anyone who knowingly sells or offers to sell a material component of an invention for infringing purposes, unless the item is considered a “staple article or commodity of commerce suitable for substantial non infringing use.”

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