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Copyright Infringement

Flynn & Phillips, LLC, is a highly regarded litigation law firm in Georgia with offices in Albany . Since our law firm was established, our already experienced lawyers have traveled the nation earning reputations as formidable opponents in matters involving copyright infringement. Results speak volumes, and our attorneys have succeeded in negotiating settlements, obtaining verdicts and defending against claims in multimillion-dollar cases.

Proven Results In Matters Involving Infringement Of Exclusive Rights

Copyright owners have exclusive but limited rights defined in the federal Copyright Act. When an individual or business violates one of these rights, it has infringed on the copyright. There are five exclusive rights:

  • The right to reproduce: Many infringement claims involve the unauthorized reproduction of a work. It can be the entire work or a portion of the work such as the chorus of a song mixed into a new one without permission.
  • The right to prepare derivative works: Closely related to reproduction, preparation of a derivative work involves the translation of a pre-existing work. A movie made based on a novel without express permission from the author is an example.
  • The right to distribute copies: The holder of a copyright can sell, rent, lease or lend the work. The right to distribute copies applies to the first distribution of a specific copy. This means that once you purchase a book, you can resell that particular book without permission.
  • The right to perform: Infringement can occur when a person or group performs a literary, musical, dramatic or specific choreographed work in public, whether in person, on television or through other means.
  • The right to display: This is akin to the right to perform, but it is applicable to the display of a work.

We represent all artists such as authors, architects, software developers and musicians, who believe their works have been infringed or who have been accused of doing the same. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your case with an intellectual property attorney at our firm. Send us an email or call us at 229-518-4050 or toll free at 800-646-8799.