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Representing Employers And Employees In Employment Law

The attorneys of Flynn & Phillips, LLC provide customized and strategic employment law representation to both employers and employees throughout Georgia.

Employees And Employment Discrimination

If you have had your rights violated by an employer due to a protected status, we are available to investigate the matter and provide legal representation in correcting the situation and protecting your civil rights. This violation of your rights could include being passed over for promotion, harassed because of your sex or age, subjected to unwanted sexual advances or comments being ignored for job training or singled out from others. It can also be illegal for an employer to retaliate against you if you have reported illegal or unethical activity within the company.

Employers And Workplace Discrimination

Our firm provides clear and sound legal guidance to employers and businesses that are seeking to resolve employment law disputes or create clear policies and employee handbooks to prevent such claims. Our lawyers will thoroughly evaluate the situation and help you make strategic legal decisions that protect your business interests and the employment rights of your workers.

To learn more about the guidance and representation that we provide in employment law matters and the dispute of such claims, please contact our Albany law offices today at 229-518-4050 or toll free at 800-646-8799.