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Breach Of Contract Is At The Center Of Many Business Disputes

Contracts are the basis of virtually every business relationship, setting the rules and expectations for the partnership. The terms of these contracts are not always clear, and confusion can lead to problems. Signatories to these agreements do not always uphold their end of the bargain, and even dissatisfaction can lead to accusations of the same. A breach of any contract can be extremely costly, which is why it is at the center of many business and commercial law disputes.

Flynn & Phillips, LLC, is a multidisciplinary practice with the skill and experience to handle breach of contract claims arising out of any business relationship in Georgia. Our trial results speak for themselves, having obtained millions of dollars for many clients in many industries. Although we are headquartered in Albany , our lawyers have traveled throughout the state and know the courts and the judges.

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Every breach of contract case is unique and is complicated by many factors. The particular circumstances of the case, industry standards, and legal rules and regulations are only a few.

Depending on the aspects and type of breach, potential remedies include:

  • Damages: compensation for actual business losses, consequential or incidental damages such as lost revenue, liquidated damages, and attorneys’ fees and court costs
  • Rescission: cancellation of the contract and recovery of consideration paid or other damages required to put the party back into the position he or she was prior to the contract
  • Specific performance: forced performance of the contract by the breaching party

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